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Welcome to the Pure Life Paddling School

Stand Up Paddle Boarding provides a unique ticket to exploring the great outdoors. The Pure Life Paddling School is here to help you get the most out of your time on the water by developing your paddling skills to achieve your goals as a paddler. From the beginner to performance paddler, and options for people of all ages, today is the day to get out on the water! 

Popular courses


Pure Life 1 - Intro to SUP

Regardless of your goals as a paddler, learning the foundations is a great way to improve your chances of having success on the water. From just playing close to the beach, exploring the local water ways or fitness paddling, having the basics covered will serve you well. 


Pure Life 2 - Fitness and Efficiency

Our various kids camps and lessons 


Pure Life 3 - Advanced Skilled

Want to take your paddle boarding to the next level? Advanced skills will build your confidence on the water to paddle in more challenging condition, for longer periods, or start moving up the race rankings.

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